Cleantech Solutions

Enabling environmental and sustainable focus, without compromising on function.

Cleantech Solutions

When demands in safety, function and environmental impact are high.

The world is facing big challenges, both present and in the future. Infectious disease spread and health care systems under pressure impact our well-being. The climate is threatened by our lifestyle, food waste, the packaging industry, as well as manufacturing and production with large water and energy consumption.

With Cellcomb Cleantech Solutions we take responsibility and contribute to managing resources in a sustainable way, both regarding the environment, economy, and society.

Cellcomb develops products for short-term use that focuses on hygiene, comfort, and safety. Solutions that meet the extremely high demands in clean environments. The need for safe absorption, and ergonomically manageable, are areas that we have identified as a high priority, together with our clients.

We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers that focuses on eco-friendly and circular innovations within our industry. Cellcomb’s flexibility, knowledge and responsibility for the environment motivate us to develop solutions that line up with the global climate goals.

A natural part of our development work is the directives and regulations that aim to increase the volume of renewable packages and reduce the number of fossil-based materials.

Distinguishing for our solutions is that they, to the greatest extent, are made out of renewable resources. With over 30 years of knowledge within the business, we have acquired a lot of knowledge about materials and their benefits. Because of this, we have developed techniques that handle all different perspectives of sustainability, without compromising on efficiency. 

Investment for the future

Cellcomb Cleantech Solutions doesn’t only solve the current task of easing the presence here and now. With our solutions, you make a long-term investment in product quality, work environment and the climate.

From years in the business with our wide array of experiences, we are more than happy to discuss quality, sustainability, production and cost efficiency, work environment and safety. Our business model is flexible so that we can accommodate both new or changing conditions, meaning that we can adjust our production for both larger and smaller series.

During every step of the process, we act responsibly and think about how to create value in order to make your everyday better.

We make it possible.

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