Cellcomb’s solutions are perfect for mountain lodges

Our comfortable bed sets and towels are in many ways the ideal solution for visits to mountain lodges – both for guests and people working in the hospitality industry. Cellcomb’s solutions combine thinking about comfort and the environment at the same time. It can hardly get better!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, questions regarding hygiene have become more important than ever before, especially within the hospitality industry. Cellcomb’s HomeAway range consists of several products that ease the workload for staff at mountain lodges. As our bed sets and towels are compostable it’s easy for both guests and staff to manage.

Besides this, you avoid the heavy lifting that washing otherwise usually entails, as well as saving time. Our range also includes compostable rubbish bags which is another reason why our sustainable solutions are the best choice on the market.

Do you work within the hospitality industry and would like to learn more about Cellcomb’s efficient, comfortable, and sustainable solutions?

Contact us and make sure to secure enough bed sets and towels before the season begins!

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